Volunteer Work for NGOs


Forecast delay:

Dear NGO Manager,

2 weeks



We offer volunteer translation work, English-Portuguese and Portuguese-English, for texts intended for publication in your NGO website, under the following conditions:

1. Our total availability for the program is limited to 1,000 words per week; therefore, your translation is subject to the above informed delay. First come, first served;
2. Your NGO should necessarily have as its objective the assistance to destitute people, to people with disabilities, or the environmental protection, in Brazil;
3. The material should not contain any kind of political party propaganda;
4. The material should not be offensive to governments, institutions or private corporations. Just the opposite, we would like to translate materials that propagate partnership actions with such entities;
5. The request shall be submitted to info@artecomercial.com.br with the material to be translated pasted into the body of the email message or in an attached text file. As soon as possible, we will reply with our forecast for the work;
6. It is not mandatory, but we appreciate it if your NGO would kindly mention the volunteer work by Arte Comercial in your web page, if possible with link to our website.


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