Some considerations on file formats:

  • .doc, .xls & .pps  - Our system extracts the text, for us to translate it, and pastes it back exactly where it was extracted from, automatically, without changing the structure of the document, spreadsheet or presentation. Preferably, the file should not be password protected;

  • .htm  -  Our system opens the file, recognizes the HTML instructions, extracts only the "translatable" portion, and pastes it back, automatically, where it was removed from. There might be some "misunderstandings" during the recognition, which are eliminated by a human visual comparison to the original document;

  • .tif  -  Our system recognizes text characters within a picture in this format and extracts them. Our translation is submitted to the client as a plain, simple text. Upon request, we would present a separate estimate for the artwork in order to create a fresh picture, like the original, with the translated text;

  • .pdf  -  Our system converts the original .pdf document to an identical .doc file for us to translate the text. The client receives two files, one in .doc format and another reconverted to .pdf. The final result is very much similar to the original, however some font replacement might be necessary in case the original font is not easily found in the market. The conversion success is also dependent on the .pdf document protection settings;

  • Other formats  -  If they are pictures such as .jpg, .bmp, .gif, we convert them to .tif and extract the text automatically as described above. Then, the same .tif conditions apply;

  • Printed material  -  We scan the hardcopy to produce a .tif file and extract the text automatically, as described above. Then, the same .tif conditions apply.


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