The Agency

A limited liability company, established in Sao Paulo, Brazil, to render services of translation, revision and distribution of texts for corporate communication, books, newspapers and magazines; desktop publishing; and marketing consulting.

Our mission is to contribute to the development of our clients, and the society at large, by employing our knowledge to enhance the business relations, and the overall communication, among people from different parts of the world.

When commerce becomes an art, we are suppliers of Commercial Art.


Main executives:

Arlindo Valle Verlangieri

Over 20 years of experience working in the area of international corporate marketing at large corporations such as Banco Itaú, Fujitsu do Brasil, NewTech Markvision, Digitron da Amazônia, producing bilingual material for brochures, flyers, websites, corporate reports, financial statements, agreements, etc. Experience of five years teaching Advanced Business English for Executives at the York English School and Target Language Center.

Degree in Architecture specializing in Industrial Design from School of Architecture and Town Planning, Universidade de São Paulo (USP), post-graduate degree in Marketing from School of Economics and Business Administration, Universidade de São Paulo (USP), and specialization in English Language at the ELS Center in Santa Monica, California, USA.

Iná Valéria Rodrigues Verlangieri

Licentiate in English and Portuguese and BA in Translating, with a post-graduate degree in Translating and MA in Theory of Literature. Professor of Commented Translation of English Texts in the Translators and Interpreters Courses at UNIBERO – Centro Universitário Ibero-Americano, and in the Executive Secretarial Course at Universidade Anhembi-Morumbi. In the academic career, has specialized in Translation studies, becoming an expert in the translation of the novels by the Brazilian author João Guimarães Rosa to foreign languages.

As a Bilingual Secretary and Executive Assistant for over 20 years, has had daily experience with the production and translation of business documents for Board and Presidential levels of large corporations such as Seagram, Rayovac, Nestlé and Aurora.

Our associates abroad:

Anthony James Shaw

Read English and Literature at the University of London and has worked for major multinational concerns such as British Leyland, Ford Motor Company, Ronson Lighters and the American Institute of Marine Underwriters. In the 1980s he took up full time language teaching in Brazil, and never turned back. He has been a resident of Uruguay for the last fifteen years, and divides his time between teaching and translating. He has undertaken major translation projects for Renault, Mahindra, the Catholic University of Uruguay, several embassies and international and governmental organisations, and authors of books and other publications.

Elvira Blanco Blanco

* * * Elvira has just received her PhD degree in Spanish Language and in Spanish and Hispanic American Literature from Universidade de São Paulo (USP)! Congratulations! * * *

Has degrees in Spanish Language and Literature from the Catholic University of Uruguay, Instituto de Profesores Artigas, PUC Porto Alegre and Universidade de São Paulo (USP). She is currently the Senior Spanish Language Lecturer at the Catholic University of Uruguay's Student Exchange Department teaching Spanish to foreigners of many nationalities, and a full professor at Instituto de Profesores Artigas, teaching Latin American Literature to prospective secondary school literature teachers.



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